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Dioxide Pacific

CircleClear® - The Complete Water Management Solution for Recovery of Swimming Pool Backwash Water and TDS Control

Multiple Barrier Treatment Process
The CircleClear® system combines micro-biological and physical barriers in series to provide up to 8 log reduction in bacteria and viruses. The processes include coarse straining; multimedia filtration; ultrafiltration; softening; cartridge filtration and reverse osmosis (RO).

Backwash water is purified to a standard suitable for recovery back into the pool as make-up water.

circleclear backwash water recovery
swimming pool backwash water recycle

Backwash Water Recovery
Wash water from filters is usually discharged to sewer with the dual aim of removing solids from the filter media and reducing pool water TDS. It is not possible to simply filter backwash water and recycle it back to the pool, as this would create a closed circuit and cause uncontrolled increase of TDS. Normal control of TDS is achieved by replacement (dilution) of high TDS water with low TDS make-up water.

The CircleClear® system captures backwash water in a common backwash tank and processes it automatically with the final step of reverse osmosis (RO). The reverse osmosis step removes 95-99% of the backwash water TDS, so that recycled water enters the pool at 10-100 ppm. You can recover up to 75% of previously wasted backwash water.

Low Risk System
Health Departments need to be sure that water being used for pool filling is safe for human contact. The CircleClear® backwash water recovery system removes all micro-organisms from backwash water to make it safe. The pore size of the desalination (RO) membrane is less than 0.001 micron, Virus sizes are from 0.008 – 0.1 microns, bacteria sizes are from 0.2 – 50 microns and Cryptosporidium is from 3-5 microns. Thus, the membrane pore size is too small for all micro-organisms to enter the treated water and can therefore offer a guarantee of removal of 99.9+% of viruses, bacteria and pyrogens.

backwash water recovery
backwash water tds control system

Heat Energy Recovery
If swimming pool backwash water is discharged to sewer or used for irrigation, the energy used to heat that water is also wasted. The CircleClear® system allows this heat energy to be recovered.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Control
The CircleClear® system monitors TDS continually and actuates a bleed valve to control TDS. If TDS gets above the desired set point, water is bled out of the pool, where it is desalinated and recycled back the pool.

recycle backwash water
CircleClear automatic backwash water recycle system

Automatic Control System
Operation of the CircleClear plant is PLC controlled from a central electrical control panel and colour touchscreen operator interface. The plant is fully automatic and operator involvement is limited to chemical top up. 

Turnkey System
CircleClear systems are designed in using state of the art 3D CAD software. Each plant is assembled (mechanically and electrically) at our works, fully tested then labelled for disassembly and packing. We even provide all pipe fittings, clamps, fasteners and wiring looms. Full exploded 3D installation instructions are provided so that installation on site is fast and simple.

CircleClear water recycle control system
CircleClear backwash water filtration

Preventative Maintenance
The CircleClear® plant is offered with scheduled preventative maintenance contract to ensure reliable operation and long equipment life.

Models Available


Capacity m3/hr
Purified Water

Capacity ML/yr
Purified Water

Max Recovery %


Control System





4.0 x 3.0 x 2.5m (L x W x H)

PLC & Touchscreen, remote access





3.5 x 2.5 x 2.5m (L x W x H)

PLC & Touchscreen, remote access

Download the CircleClear® brochure (750kB).

Download case study - Ryde Aquatic Centre Model 2-4.

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