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Chemical Dosing Systems




Dioxide Pacific

ProMinent® Extronic

ProMinent Extronic explosion proof metering pump

Metering chemicals in hazardous areas requires a metering pump that is safe reliable and often suitable to be controlled from an external signal.

The ProMinent® Extronic series metering pumps are manufactured to suit all the above demands and carry an Australian Certificate of Conformity No AUS Ex3535, type of protection Ex d IIC IP65 Class I Zone 1. The EXBa E version is suitable for use in hazardous, explosive locations in compliance with Zone 1, Group 11, while the version EXBa S is used in firedamp endangered mining areas underground. The ProMinent® Extronic conforms to the unified UE standard EN50014/50018 for "flameproof enclosure". It carries the highest closure class for this protection type. This standard is recognised in many other countries outside the UE.

Three types of control are available:

Manual Control: Stroke setting 1:10, stroke rate setting 4-100% giving an overall manual turndown of 250:1
External Control: Relying on an external switching contact to vary the stroking rate.
Analogue: 0/4-20 mA signal. The mA signal is connected direct to the pump.

The pumps are provided with electrical connection cables leading from the pump for power supply, contact or analogue control. With control versions, manual stroke length setting is 10:1.

ProMinent® Extronic metering pumps have a capacity range from 0.23 l/h up to 60 l/h at back pressures of up to a max. of 25 bar, with operating voltages up to 500V. The microprocessor electronics ensures operational and functional reliability as it compensates fluctuations in the mains voltage.

Features such as short-stroke solenoid drive and external control are integrated in the pump housing where the drive is not only "EX" protected but also features moisture protection to IP65 in compliance with DIN 40050.

IN the EXBa version, the "external contact" and "analogue" control inputs are available intrinsically safe and approved in accordance with EN50020. The materials used for the ProMinent® Extronic series liquid ends are Plexiglass, Polypropylene, PTEF-Teflon, stainless steel 1.4571 or in SB version for combustible media.

For higher viscosity media, liquid ends in PP4 with Hastelloy C springs is available for sizes 1002, 1006, 1310 and 0814. Self-bleeding liquid ends are available in Plexiglas and PVC for gaseous chemicals.

  ProMinent® Pneumados

ProMinent pneumados pneumatic dosing pump

The ProMinent® Pneumados is a pneumatically driven diaphragm chemical metering pump, primarily suited for applications in hazardous environments:

  • Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries;
  • Oil and Gas utilities;
  • Underground mines;
  • Paint Shops (feeding additives/solvents);
  • Car Washes (feeding additives/solvents);
  • Any situation where compressed air is more convenient, as a drive medium.

The Pneumados is available in capacities that range from 0.9 l/h at 16 bar to 14.8 l/h at 1.5 bar.

A variety of liquid end materials are available for dosing virtually all chemicals. The liquid ends incorporate identical design features to those employed for many years in the range of ProMinent solenoid driven pumps: Double ball check valves, bleed facilities, short stroke drive and the Developan diaphragm.

The Pneumados is available in a manual control version. Pneumatic control valves convert the compressed air supply into pneumatic pulses of fixed duration but adjustable frequency. The frequency is adjustable from 1-20 strokes/min and with the stroke displacement adjustment of 10:1, gives a total capacity turndown of 1200 : 1.

Technical Data

Drive Medium: Fitlered air at 6 bar pressure +/- 10%. Lubrication not required.
Air consumption: 25 litres/min (35 l/m for High Viscosity Pump)
Accuracy: +/- 2% (based on water and correct installation).
Admissible Working Temp: -10 to +50oC.

Optional Accessories

  • Foot valve with strainer
  • Injection valve
  • Suction/discharge tubing
  • Chemical feed tanks
  • Back pressure/relief valves
  • Pulsation dampeners
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