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Dioxide Pacific

Process Design Services

Preventative & Breakdown Maintenance

Our process design service is second to none utilising highly experienced chemical, mechanical and civil engineers for water treatment and chemical dosing systems. Our design work is provided by Paul Grover & Associates Pty Ltd.

We will provide concept design options, P & ID drawings and 3D detailed design drawings.

We will take care of the following aspects:

Plant design. Understanding the technical and performance requirements of the water treatment system.

Equipment selection. Comparing alternatives and selecting the best in terms of the lifetime cost of ownership.

Tender preparation. Documentation accuracy, scope and legality is of prime importance.

Tender selection. On the basis of specified criteria.

Project management. Seeing the project through to completion.

Operation training. Making sure operators can actually run the plant to achieve specification in the short and long term.

Troubleshooting. Defects are rectified


We believe in providing service for the systems we design and build, so that the systems operate reliably for their design lifetime. Dioxide Pacific offers breakdown service and preventative maintenance agreements.

Your plant may be critical to the cash flow of your business. We can offer maintenance with nominated response time. We can include all parts and labour in the agreement if you wish.

All service is done according to a protocol with completion of checksheets. These sheets will be stored on our web site for password protected viewing by you.

We can also offer remote access to your plant where nominated alarms are sent by SMS or email to our service people. The faults will be rectified without you even knowing.

For more information on service/preventative maintenance or to obtain a quotation, please complete the feedback form on our Contact page.

3D Design Benefits

Why is 3D design so good? Our customers tell us that they like the way they can see what they will get. Have you ever tried to visualise the appearance of a system when you have been provided with 2D drawings. It is very difficult to see where pipes go and what items will actually look like in real life. You need a really good imagination and there is a lot of room for disappointment.

3D design provides an accurate, real size representation of what the plant will look like when it is built and when you get it, it will be exactly the same, down to the bolts, brackets and wiring, even the colours.

We have found that we can reduce the design and construction time by providing “as constructed” drawings at the time of design. Aside from some extremely minor changes at the time of construction, the initial design drawings will be the same as what is built. With 2D drawings, the plant is built to the drawings as best as can be visualised and then the “as constructed” drawings will be radically different. With 3D design, the time required to do “as constructed” drawings is eliminated.

Have you ever purchased a plant with dimensions from the supplier indicating that it will fit in the location provided. When the plant arrived, it was different in many aspects. This will not occur with systems we design as you will see how the plant looks and where services connect and know the exact dimensions before you get it.


3D chemical dosing system design

For more information on our process design services or to obtain a quotation, please complete the feedback form on our Contact page.


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