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Dioxide Pacific

Filtration Systems

Application: GAC Filtration for Dechlorination of Process Water for Beverage Production
Dioxide Pacific was engaged to design, supply and install two food grade fibreglass filtration vessels for GAC filtration of process water. In order to use water for beverage production, chlorine must first be removed and this is done with granular activated carbon (GAC). Filter vessels are provided complete with stainless steel tube manifold, Alfa Laval LKH stainless steel butterfly valves and automatic backwash control sequence from control panel.

Dioxide Pacific provided 3D design drawings to accurately locate the plant in the allowed plant room space and for connection to existing services.

GAC filter vessel system

multimedia filtration system

Application: Sidestream Filtration of Recycled Water System
Dioxide Pacific was engaged to design, manufacture, supply and install a recycled water system for a major food producer. Water is collected from various locations in the factory where backwashing or rinsing occurs. Generally, this water is very good quality and does not need to be wasted. The quality of the water is monitored using pH controllers and diverted to waste if contaminated. If the water is good quality, it is pumped to a 1ML storage tank where it is filtered, disinfected and pH corrected, ready for re-use.

The Chadson VDF1200 multimedia filter is connected to the water storage tank through a continuous recirculation loop. The filter removes suspended solids and operates with automatic timed backwash. Filtered water is dosed with sodium hypochlorite to maintain 1.5 ppm of chlorine and sulphuric acid to maintain 7.2 pH. The treated water is used for wash water in the factory. The system has enabled the customer to recover a large amount of water which would otherwise have been wasted.

Dioxide Pacific provides small and large scale package multimedia, GAC, DMI (iron removal) and membrane filtration systems for all applications. Typical examples include:

  • GAC filtration of potable water for removal of algal toxins and Geosmin/MIB
  • GAC filtration for deozonation
  • Multimedia filtration for recycled rain water.
  • Filtration of secondary treated effluent for reuse including disinfection.
  • Stainless steel GAC filtration for beverage water production where vessels can be steam sterilised.
  • Multimedia filtration of swimming pool backwash water for irrigation re-use. See CircleClear® information.


For more information on filtration systems or to obtain a quotation, please complete the feedback form on our Contact page.

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