Electricide Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine Generators CE Marked

2 March 2018

The Dioxide Pacific Electricide® CDE, CDEB, HG and HGB Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine Generators are now CE Marked. This marking ensures their suitability for sale and operation in Europe. We…

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Sodium Hypochlorite chemical dosing skid

Chemical Dosing Systems from 3D Models – The Quality Way

28 August 2017

Know what you’ll get, before it’s built When you buy a car, you can see it in the showroom before you buy it. When it arrives, it is exactly as…

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Electricide HGB-2.5 chlorine generator

Generate Hypochlorite from Salt – Safe and Clean in Food Environment

30 May 2017

Safety is always a concern to plant managers Recently, we received an inquiry from a customer indirectly servicing the food industry. Their water is used for washing and must be clean and…

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Electricide Electrochemical Chlorine Dioxide Generator for water disinfection

Dairy Processor Replaces 2-Chem Chlorine Dioxide Generator

3 December 2016

Background – Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Dioxide Pacific recently provided an Electricide CDE-25 (472 g/hr – 25 pounds per day) electrochemical chlorine dioxide generator and dosing system to replace a traditional…

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Fiberstrut vinylester non-metallic chemical resistant channel and fasteners for chemical dosing pump skid frame

Fiberstrut for Dosing Pump Stand and Skid – 100% Chemical Resistance

15 February 2016

Fiberstrut vinylester channel, fasteners and brackets are ideal for construction of chemical dosing skid frames where 100% chemical resistance is desired. For chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid,…

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Electricide CDE5 chlorine dioxide generator electrochemical

Chlorine Dioxide for CIP Sanitization

3 November 2015

Dioxide Pacific has supplied Electricide electrochemical chlorine dioxide systems for CIP sanitization in food and beverage applications with great results. In many cases, chlorine dioxide has replaced peracetic acid mixes….

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