ProMinent® chemical dosing pumps include Beta®, Gamma® Delta® solenoid actuated metering pumps; Sigma® and Meta® motor driven metering pumps; Hydro® piston diaphragm metering pumps and Spectra® progressive cavity pumps.

Analytical instrumentation for water treatment includes amperometric sensors for ozone, free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bromine, fluoride, peracetic acid and peroxide. Standard measurement systems for pH and redox (ORP).

Swimming pool disinfection and control is covered with chemical storage tanks; CO2 dosing systems and Dulcomarin® can-bus pH and chlorine controllers. More information can be obtained from our dedicated ProMinent pages. In order to find exactly what you want, feel free to download ProMinent catalogues for the exact part you need. If you need any help, call or email one of our sales engineers using the information at the top of the page.