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About Us

Dioxide Pacific is a multi-disciplinary engineering company specializing in the manufacture of electrolysis chlorine dioxide and chlorine generators; chemical dosing, water treatment and water disinfection systems.

Our product range includes our own manufactured Electricide® chlorine dioxide generators; 2-chemical and 3-chemical chlorine dioxide generators; chlorine dioxide NOX destruction systems; electrolytic chlorine generators and O3Pure ozone bottled water disinfection systems; Fristam stainless steel hygienic centrifugal pumps; Atlantium medium pressure UV; Glasco low pressure UV; ProMinent chemical dosing and monitoring equipment; Fiberstrut non-metallic channel and fasteners.

Our systems include chlorine; chlorine dioxide; ozone; UV; chemical dosing skids and building mount plant.

Our organization includes design engineers, sales staff and distributors.

Our Vision

We were established in 1997, with the aim of streamlining the process of taking a water disinfection, water treatment or chemical dosing project from inception to completion. Through our strategic partnership with Paul Grover & Associates, we are able to design and manufacture a system to your requirements.

Synergising the expertise of our Chemical Engineers and associate consultants, we focus on development of niche chemical generation systems to meet the needs of water disinfection and chemical oxidation applications. Our manufactured products are the result of R&D investment and include cutting-edge technology for control, data management and remote connectivity.