Fristam Powder Mixer

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The Fristam Powder Mixer is an extension of the shear pump which is designed to dissolve or emulsify and homogenise wet and dry ingredients into fluids.

The Powder Mixer is a stainless steel skid consisting of a base frame and table which includes a powder hopper which is also a funnel. A self-priming centrifugal pump (Fristam FZ pump) pumps liquid past the base of the funnel, creating a vacuum which sucks in powder. The powder/liquid mixture is then homogenized using the Fristam shear pump.

The Powder Mixer can achieve perfect homogenization of the product, allowing for quick batches and removal of additional mixing or processing.

This powder mixer dissolves:

  • stabilizers in the fermentation of milk products such as gelatine in cream, pectin in cream cheese
  • milk powder for the production of milk mixed beverage, ice cream, fruit milk
  • concentrates of milk protein or oils/fats for increasing the protein and/or fat contents of milk for cheese production
  • starch, salt and sugar, aspartame and other sugar substitutes
  • flavours and citric acid
  • protein powder (spray dried) for the production of bakery products
  • wheat/rye flour or wheat meal for sourdough for producing breakfast cereals and ready to bake mixes
  • pectin, CMC, Carbopol, gum Arabic and other thickener powders such as locust bean gum and guar gum or xanthan gum
  • minerals such as lime, bentonite, CMC, barite etc. for the production of drilling fluids as auxiliary substances in petroleum and gas exploration


The Powder Mixer is available with many different options to suit your application.

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