Glasco Low Pressure UV

Glasco UV is located in New Jersey, USA. Glasco is the leading manufacturer of low pressure UV disinfection systems for potable, industrial and waste water applications. Glasco manufacture a complete range of in-line chambered style and horizontal and vertical channel style wastewater disinfection units.

Ultraviolet disinfection technology uses UV light to target and disable disease causing microorganisms (pathogens).

Over 100 years ago, scientists discovered that if you exposed pathogens to UV light, their reproduction was limited.

The UV light used, resided in the UVC range of the light spectrum. Specfiically, they discovered that light in the 254 nanometer (nm) range was the most effective.

When water pathogens are exposed to UV light, their cells become damaged and this damage inhibits reproduction.

The UV light, produced by a special lamp damages the cell’s DNA and RNA and once damaged, they are unable to replicate.

This physical process renders them harmless. The amount of damage is a result of the intensity of the UVC output multiplied by the time the water is exposed to the light.

The applied dosasge is commonly referred to as microwatts and is often expressed as mJ/cm2. Doses of 40,000 microwatts (40 mJ) are accepted for water disinfection.

Anyone wanting to protect their water supplies from pathogens is a good candidate for Glasco UV disinfection.

It is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide drink microbial unsafe water.
All major waterborne diseases are spread the same way – by drinking water that has become contaminated by infected human or animal fecal wastes.

Well water is a prime candidate for UV disinfection. However, with recent tragedies, even people on municipal water supplies may consider UV disinfection as added security.

Today, the most trusted names in the food and beverage industry are using UV disinfection as part of their production processes.

More information on Glasco UV can be found in the brochures and data sheets at the Download page.