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3-Chemical Chlorine Dioxide Reaction
The Electricide CD3C 3-chemical chlorine dioxide generators are economical and safe for the production of medium to large output of chlorine dioxide by the 3-chemical reaction. The chemical reaction is as follows:
2NaClO2 + HOCl + HCl → 2ClO2 + 2NaCl + H2O

95-98% conversion.
The 3-chemical reaction is very quick and achieves 95-98% chlorite conversion to ClO2. High conversion equals low chemical consumption and low running cost.

Commodity chemical precursors.
The CD3C generators utilize Electricide-P1 (31% sodium chlorite), 30-33% hydrochloric acid and 12.5% sodium hypochlorite. Capacity range is from 189 g/hr = 10 lb/day to 56,700 g/hr = 3,000 lb/day.

Chemical Supply.
Chemical supply can be from bulk chemical storage tanks or drums/totes (1,000L IBC’s). Dioxide Pacific supplies the chemicals required and has stock at all locations.

Submerged, titanium water flushed reactor.
The CD3C generator reactor is in 2 parts. The outer chamber and inner reactor are constructed from Titanium. Titanium is 100% resistant to chlorine dioxide, chloride and acid conditions, giving you long service life. The inner reactor is submerged inside the outer chamber in the dilution water. Dilution water flow is on the outside of the reactor, so any leaks from the reactor are captured in water and flushed immediately away into your process. There is no possibility that a leak of chlorine dioxide gas can enter the plant room, as long as the dilution water is flowing. This represents the highest safety available.

Floor mount HDPE cabinet for optimal chemical resistance.
All generator components are mounted inside a cabinet, easy to access and maintain. You can simply place it in a location on the floor and connect services and dosing point. Easy to install with long life and resistance to corrosion.

Flow monitoring for dosing pumps.
To ensure chemical is always being dosed at the correct rate for the reaction. If one chemical has missing flow for x pulses, the generator stops and an alarm is raised.

Inbuilt calibration cylinders.
The generator can be accurately calibrated without operator exposure to either acid or chlorite. Just open and close a few valves for this procedure.

Pulse frequency controlled dosing pumps.
Standard high quality metering pumps have power on all the time and are speed controlled via pulse frequency for accurate turndown of up to 200:1.

By-pass Dilution.
Chlorine dioxide generated at the reactor is immediately diluted with water to less than 3,000 ppm (0.3%), which is safe for transportation to the dosing point.

Inputs for chemical level switches (2 stage or 1 stage).
Display of chemical level status on controller and warning if low, shutdown if empty

Touchscreen for flexible operation of plant including control options: Flow Pacing, PID residual, FPRT (flow paced, residual trim) and Manual control. Display of operating status and faults

Remote internet access to plant is standard.
View the operating status of the plant, receive email alarms and start/stop plant items. This feature minimizes downtime and provides the ability to fault-find without having to travel to site.

Please download the CD3C brochure for a complete description of all the models available

  CD3C Brochure (537.1 KiB)

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