We provide ProMinent Hydro gas chlorination systems for all applications requiring water disinfection using gas. A typical example is shown below.
Chlorine gas is stored in two banks of 4 x 920 kg drums in a dedicated storage room. Each bank of four drums is connected through superior valves and flexibles to horizontal headers. These headers are connected to 40 kg/hr vacuum regulators via a short flexible connection. The two Hydro vacuum regulators then connect to a vacuum operated auto changeover valve which provides left/right bank indication and directs chlorine gas through a 25mm UPVC pipeline to the ejector which is located in the dosing room.

This system was designed in 3D before installation, to ensure that the system would fit correctly into the room and so that the plant was shut down for the minimum possible time.

The old dosing system was replaced with a new plant which would enabled splitting of the chlorinated water from after the ejector to two dosing points. By-pass flow is directed to the ejector where chlorine is dissolved and then split off at manually adjustable rate using diaphragm valves and rotameters. The complete dosing plant is backboard mounted on the wall. Pipework is fabricated from schedule 80 grey UPVC.

At the final effluent point after the 30 minute detention tank, total chlorine residual is monitored using a ProMinent CTE probe and DMT monitor. The sample to the probe is filtered through a small multimedia filter to ensure the probe does not foul quickly. The measured value from the analyser is transmitted to the chlorine gas dosing control panel using an Elpro wireless radio gateway. At the main touchscreen control panel, flow pacing with residual trim is accomplished by automatic adjustment of the chlorine servo valve. Chlorine residual, flow and other parameters are logged using the touchscreen compact flash card and data is transmitted to the laboratory SCADA system using the wireless radio gateway. Alarms are sent to operators via SMS.

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