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Chemical Dosing Systems




Dioxide Pacific

chemical storage tanks

PE Chemical Tanks
Made of transparent UV-stabilised polyethylene, having mounting flange with moulded-in studbolts for stirrer and metering pumps. All tanks are fitted with 3/4” BSPF plugged outlet. Sizes are:  35, 60, 100, 140, 250, 500 and 1000 litres.

electrodes pH ORP chlorine ozone

ProMinent can offer a variety of electrodes for: Free and total chlorine, pH, ORP, chlorine dioxide and ozone.
Chlorine sensors are available as total chlorine and free chlorine. Total chlorine sensors are pH independent in the pH range 5.5 - 9.0. Free chlorine sensors can be pH corrected. Free chlorine, total chlorine, ozone and chlorine dioxide sensors are amperometric closed cells which utilise membranes and electrolyte. The electrode design allows for fixed conditions of pH and conductivity at the electrodes, thereby removing the requirement for zero calibration. Slope calibration is accomplished simply using a photometer. Operation of these sensors is extremely reliable with maintenance only requiring replacement of membrane caps.

Sophisticated electrodes are available for measurement of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid concentration. Typical applications include odour scrubbers, hydrogen sulphide H2S oxidation and bottle washing in breweries.

Probe holder

Electrode Holders
A variety of electrode holders are available depending upon the system requirements. For example; flow through holders with flow switch, in-line holders, flexible and rigid submersible and withdrawable. The correction installation of any electrode requires the correct probe holder so that velocity past the probe is correct and electrodes are not subject to fouling.

water meter pulse

Pulse output water meters
Available in a range of pulse outputs. Used together with metering pumps for flow proportional metering of chemicals.

chemical metering pump accessories

Pump Accessories
Pump accessories including multi-function valves, load and pressure relief valves, injection and foot valves, calibration cylinders and tube fittings. We can provide chemical dosing tube in all sizes 6 x 4mm, 8 x 5mm, 12 x 9mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm.

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