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Dioxide Pacific

O3Pure Ozone Bottled Water Disinfection System

The Dioxide Pacific O3Pure Ozone bottled water disinfection system is a complete turnkey package including all components required to convert raw water into ozonated water suitable for bottling. The system is fully automatic and can include mechanical and electrical installation by our engineers at your site. Plant capacity is 5.0 - 50.0 m3/hr.

Touchscreen PLC Control System
The plant is fully automatic including PLC and touchscreen operator interface. The status of all plant items is displayed and auto/man operation possible. Ozone residual and ozone gas concentration are displayed and logged.

bottled water ozone disinfection system
ozone disinfection bottled water

O3Pure Plug Flow Ozone Reactor
Ozone contact is counter-current in the Dioxide DBP-CT 316L stainless steel reactor. Designed for conservative industry accepted CT value. Our ozone reactor is fully sanitary and includes features for viewing of ozone gas bubbles, distribution of ozone throughout the water volume and automatic high ozone concentration or chemical sanitisation.

Toview a 3D presentation of the O3Pure plant via YouTube, click on the picture to the left.

Corona discharge ozone generator
The Dioxide DBP-O3-CT ozone generator can use either compressed air or oxygen feed. For air feed, ozone generators have integrated air drying facilities. Electronic turndown is 33:1 via manual keypad or remote control signal. Oxygen supply is from our PSA oxygen generator.

ozone bottled water systems
ozone residual control

Ozone Residual Control
Ozone disinfected water from the outlet of the reactor is fed at sample flow to an ozone residual analyser which continuously monitors the ozone concentration and feedback controls the ozone generator. Use of the Dioxide auto-tune PID controller provides very accurate control both during production and stand-still. High concentrations which may cause tainting of the water and low concentrations which may have inadequate disinfection are both avoided.

Off-gas Destruction System
Some ozone does not dissolve in the reactor and cannot be safely vented into the working atmosphere without compromising the safety of operators. Therefore, the O3Pure ozone disinfection systems include ozone destruction for this gas. Un-dissolved ozone gas is first heated and then directed through a catalytic canister for conversion of ozone to oxygen. This kind of destruction is preferred over GAC (activated carbon) as there is no replacement or top-up of media required.

ozone destruction canister
oxygen generator ozone system

Oxygen Generation System
For high capacity ozone generation or for high water temperature disinfection, generation of ozone from oxygen is preferred. Dioxide Pacific supplies fully assembled PSA (pressure swing adsorption) oxygen generators. These systems produce 90-95% pure oxygen at -70deg.C dewpoint. Oxygen is stored in a receiver and is supplied through a pressure regulator. Compressed air can be sourced from customer supply or the oxygen generator can be fitted with an oil free compressor.

Ozonated Rinse Water
It is preferable to rinse bottles prior to filling with ozonated water. This water can be either purified town water or spring water. Normal concentration for rinsing is 1.5 - 2.0ppm. The O3Pure system includes ozone contact vessels with ozone generator and ozone residual control.

ozone generator skid mount
ozone monitor residual analyser

3 stage cartridge filtration. Cartridges are provided in polished 316 stainless steel housings with isolation valves, pressure gauges mounted on a stainless steel skid. Filters are selected for long life and lowest lifetime cost of ownership.

Reverse Osmosis
Some bottlers take mains or spring water and desalinate the water with reverse osmosis. The purified water then has salts added back according to a predetermined recipe. This enables bottlers to have consistent product at all bottling sites.

reverse osmosis system
uv ozone destruction

UV Disinfection
It may be a requirement that your water has no residual ozone when it enters the bottle. Low pressure UV is an excellent way to remove ozone. Our UV systems are sized to provide 0.00 ozone which will be confirmed by an ozone residual analyser. The UV disinfection unit also provides another disinfection barrier on top of ozonation and is a good backup for the ozone generator during maintenance.

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