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Chemical Dosing Systems




Dioxide Pacific

ProMinent Chemical Dosing Equipment






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ProMinent Solenoid metering pumps

Solenoid-Driven Metering Pumps
ProMinent solenoid operated dosing pumps are the most reliable and cost effective available. The range includes both manually and remotely controlled metering pumps in the range of 0.05 - 30 L/hr. Solenoid operated dosing pumps are simple, light and suitable for any chemical dosing application. Chemical dosing occurs into your process in fixed, reliable and repeatable amounts adjustable by speed and/or stroke length. Some ProMinent solenoid metering pumps are still operating after 25 year operation.

ProMinent Special Purpose Metering Pumps

Special Purpose Metering Pumps
Do you have an application for chemical dosing with unusual conditions? Typical applications could include atmospheres or chemicals requiring an explosion proof EXD or EXE metering pump. The ProMinent Extronic chemical dosing pump is typically used for mining chemicals. Alternatively, the ProMinent Pneumados dosing pump is compressed air driven and does not require electricity.

ProMinent Motor Driven Metering Pumps

Motor-Driven Metering Pumps
ProMinent motor driven metering pumps are built to last with robust gearboxes, chemical resistant housings and electronic control. The capacity of the Sigma and Meta range is from 1 - 1000 L/hr. They can be manually or remotely actuated from a 4-20mA or pulse signal and have feedback signals such as fault and low chemical. Chemical metering applications could include alum, polymer, soda ash, caustic or acid dosing for water treatment applications.

ProMinent Gas Chlorination Equipment

Gas Chlorination Equipment
ProMinent Hydro gas chlorination equipment is designed for direct cylinder, drum or header mounting. Construction of the gas chlorination equipment is for long life and compatibility with gas chlorine. The inlet pressure reducing valve of the vacuum regulator is solid silver and will not corrode from chlorine contact. Even the seat is PTFE. The gas chlorination range is from 10 g/hr - 60 kg/hr. We can supply all equipment for a complete water treatment system such as booster pumps, scales, automatic drum shut off devices, beams,  trolleys and chlorine residual analysers.

ProMinent Chlorine Residual Analyser

ProMinent instrument is for measurement and control of chemicals which are dosed in water treatment applications. Examples include pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, redox (ORP), chlorine dioxide, ozone, bromine, conductivity, temperature , hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.
ProMinent is the worlds largest supplier of chlorine probes, specialising in amperometric and potentiostatic cells which have membranes and encapsulated electrolyte. ProMinent chlorine residual analysers are used by most water authorities throughout Australia and are renowned for their simplicity and reliability.

Chemical Dosing Equipment

Electrodes & Accessories
We can offer the complete range of chemical dosing and water treatment accessories and electrodes. It may be more convenient for operators to store chemical in an opaque HDPE chemical storage tank. They are safely located within a bund to protect the environment from spills. If you use 20L or 200L drums, rigid suction lances include the foot valve and level switch and are protected by a PVC sleeve against damage. Withdrawable chemical dosing lances allow service of injection valves without having to shut off water flow.
If you need to keep chemical agitated, we have slow speed and high speed stainless steel agitators.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps
ProMinent Spectra progressive cavity pumps are used for transfer and metering of water-like liquids, slurries and viscous chemicals such as polyelectrolyte solutions. The Spectra progressive cavity pumps operate between 0.1 and 250 m3/hr at medium pressure and can be fitted with a variety of rotor and stator materials to suit the chemical being pumped. Progressive cavity pumps are an ideal solution for high flow metering applications where accuracy is required at an economical price.
One interesting application is the combination of a Spectra progressive cavity pump with a positive displacement flow meter for dosing rolling oil. The operator sets the desired flow and the control system ramps the motor speed up and down to maintain the desired oil flow.

Swimming Pool Chemical Dosing Equipment

Swimming Pool Chemical Dosing & Control Equipment
ProMinent swimming pool chemical dosing and control equipment will automate disinfection and chemical balance within your pool.
Typical packages include the D2C pH/chlorine controller with Beta dosing pump for sodium hypochlorite dosing and CO2 controller for addition of CO2 for pH correction.
For a more economical system, we offer the D2C pH/ORP controller which utilises an ORP probe to measure chlorine.
For aquatic centres requiring control of multiple swimming pools from one central controller, the Dulcomarin 2 does everything and incorporates a computer interface for trending and adjustment of set points and control parameters

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Dioxide Pacific provides ProMinent reverse osmosis systems for desalination of mains, brackish or seawater. Systems are supplied skid mounted complete with conductivity monitor and chemical cleaning.
The advantage of reverse osmosis is that it can remove salt from water in a way that other chemical methods cannot. Soluble sodium salts are removed in a concentrate stream to waste and the remaining permeate stream of up to 75% can be recovered and beneficially used..



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