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Dioxide Pacific

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IPM Systems has been developing powder chemical metering systems to help municipalities and industrial facilities meet regulations and enhance water quality for the past 25 years.
With a broad array of equipment that includes dry chemical (powder and granules) solution makeup, liquid chemical metering, and dry and liquid polymer activation, we can solve all your chemical handling problems.
Typical dry chemical feed systems can include Lime; Soda Ash; Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC); Potassium Permanganate; Powdered Polymer (polyelectrolyte). Industrial systems can be for addition of pigments or additives or plastic granules.
Working with IPM Systems gives you access to the latest technology in process control and material handling. IPM engineers offer a comprehensive design-build assistance backed by expertise in applied technology. Our years of experience in bulk material handling, and the knowledge gained through product testing, enable us to evaluate each customer’s needs and meet them cost-effectively with the best available solutions.

IPM, EnPro, Polymer, ProBatch, bulk bag discharge, feeders
IPM, EnPro, Volumetric Feeder,  Dry Chemical Metering

IPM Systems liquid polymer preparation system

Enpro IPM Systems Bulk Bag Unloader

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Volumetric Feeders:
VF-2 Data Sheet
VF-2 Technical Cut Sheet
VF-4 Data Sheet
VF-4 Technical Cut Sheet

Other Products:
Probatch Model H
ParaDyne Polymer Activation Technology
Silo Pac
Flexible Screw Conveyor
Bulk Bag System

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