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Dioxide Pacific

Electricide Chlorine Dioxide Systems
Electricide CDE Electrochemical Chlorine Dioxide Generators are state of the art technology in chlorine dioxide generation. The generators produce chlorine dioxide from one chemical - Electricide-P1 and electricity. Safety is maximised as no incompatible feed chemicals are used. Lowest running cost is available due to the high efficiency of chlorine dioxide generation.
Typical applications for the Electricide chlorine dioxide generator include potable water disinfection; process water disinfection in the food and beverage industry; inactivation of legionella for cooling towers and disinfection of salmonella in poultry processing. The list is almost endless. Dioxide Pacific is an expert in the design and application of chlorine dioxide disinfection technology and have now become a world leader in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide generators. For more information on the Electricide range and features, go to our dedicated Electricide page.

Electricide electrochemical chlorine dioxide systems

Fristam Hygienic Pumps
Throughout the world, Fristam is recognised as a manufacturer of Hygienic pumps of the highest quality.  Fristam’s solid design with a minimum wall thickness of 6 mm renders each pump dimensionally stable, absolutely reliable, exceptionally quiet and resistant to sudden changes in pressure – even at very high discharge pressures.

All Fristam pumps are precision manufactured from cast and forged components allowing close running clearances, which, together with sophisticated hydraulic design, gives best-in-class operating efficiency.

Available in a range of highly resistant stainless steel alloys, Fristam stainless steel pumps are designed to meet the most exacting standards of hygiene demanded by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, and modular design allows tailor-made solutions for any operating condition.

Fristam stainless steel pumps can be used for virtually any water like liquid with the FP/FPE/FM/FZ centrifugal pump range and for viscous liquids with the FL lobe pumps and FK/FKL circumferential piston pumps. Mixing of powders and homogenisation can be done with the FSP shear pump and Powder Mixer.

More information can be obtained from the Fristam Germany website and our dedicated Fristam page.

Fristam hygenic stainless steel centrifugal pumps

Fiberstrut fibreglass channel is a non-metallic strut support system consisting of non-metallic accessories, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and channel. Fiberstrut is made from fiberglass and Vinylester which is strong, corrosion resistant and suitable for many applications. Fiberstrut has been successfully used in thousands of applications throughout the world. Some of those applications include: pulp and paper, refineries, chemical plants, chemical dosing systems, waste water treatment, marinas, desalination facilities, aquariums, theme parks and underground vaults. Fiberstrut can be used in demanding environments where steel strut systems have traditionally failed. Fiberstrut is an alternative to Unistrut where corrosive fumes or atmospheres are present..

Go to our Fiberstrut page for our catalogue and photos of typical installations.

Fiberstrut Aickinstrut

Atlantium HOD UV
Atlantium is the top end of UV disinfection for municipal potable water, food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications. The patented UV reactor has an internal quartz sleeve which reflects light inside the chamber so that water at all points inside the chamber is irradiated at the same intensity. For more information, go to our dedicated Atlantium page.

Atlantium UV Disinfection

O3Pure Ozone Bottled Water Disinfection System
The O3Pure Ozone Bottled Water disinfection systems is package system designed to be plug and play. It is arranged as a stainless steel skid mounted unit for the disinfection of spring, bore or purified water for bottling or cap rinsing. For more information on the range of O3Pure systems, go to the dedicated O3Pure page.

O3Pure Ozone Bottled Water Disinfection

ProMinent® chemical dosing pumps include Beta®, Gamma® Delta® solenoid actuated metering pumps; Sigma® and Meta® motor driven metering pumps; Hydro® piston diaphragm metering pumps and Spectra® progressive cavity pumps.

Analytical instrumentation for water treatment includes amperometric sensors for ozone, free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bromine, fluoride, peracetic acid and peroxide. Standard measurement systems for pH and redox (ORP).

Swimming pool disinfection and control is covered with chemical storage tanks; CO2 dosing systems and Dulcomarin® can-bus pH and chlorine controllers. More information can be obtained from our dedicated ProMinent pages. In order to find exactly what you want, feel free to download ProMinent catalogues for the exact part you need. If you need any help, call or email one of our sales engineers using the information at the top of the page.

prominent chemical dosing metering equipment

Glasco UV
Glasco UV is manufactured in the US and includes the full range of low pressure UV units for water and wastewater applications. Of particular interest are the Glow VC open channel vertical waste water disinfection units which minimise site footprint and are easier to maintain than standard horizontal channel units. For more information on the Glasco range go to the dedicated Glasco page.


Glasco UV Disinfection low pressure

IPM Systems
IPM Systems manufacture a comprehensive range of powder feed systems including dry chemical screw feeders, hoppers, bulk bag unloaders, polymer preparation systems (liquid and powder), vacuum transfer units and screw conveyors. These systems are typically used for chemicals such as lime, soda ash, potassium permanganate, soda ash, powdered activated carbon and other industrial powdered chemicals.
Go to our IPM Systems page for more information.

ipm logo

LSM Pumps Peristaltic Hose Pumps
LSM manufacture Hose Pumps in all sizes from 3/8” to 8”. The LSM size 8” is the Worlds’ Largest Peristaltic Pump.
A unique design with adjustable soft rollers (not shoes) provide low friction compression of the hose, and this combined with a larger perimeter than others result in a peristaltic hose pump with DOUBLE the HOSE LIFE and HALF the POWER than other similar peristaltic pump design.
The hose is the only wetted part – the rollers are on the outside of the hose. The hose will move the fluid forward just as when you are “squeezing toothpaste out of a tube”.


  • The design prevents backflow, and the pump has no cavities, balls or check valves that can clog or get stuck. No packings, rotors or other problem items are in the fluid.
  • The LSM design is ideal for service with high solid content, slurries, abrasive, corrosive or shear sensitive materials - the pump will handle everything from Biomass to Live Fish, Fat, Blood, Concrete, Manure, to Fruit Jellies and Agricultural Waste
  • High Density and High Viscosity fluids, Sludge transfer and Filter Press Feed, Lime Slurry and Pulp is pumped without any problems.
    For more information on the LSM product range, visit our dedicated LSM Pumps page.

LSM Pumps peristaltic hose

Likuid Nanotek
Manufacturers of ceramic UF & NF membranes for filtration applications related to water and waste water treatment and re-use. Ceramic membranes have the advantage of being able to withstand higher than usual transmembrane pressure and can tolerate very aggressive chemical cleaning without degradation of the membrane material. For more detailed information, go to our dedicated Likuid Nanotek page.


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