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Dioxide Pacific

Swimming Pool and Spa Water Treatment Systems

swimming pool chlorine and pH controller

Swimming pool water treatment involves correction of pH, control of chlorine residual for disinfection and UV for chloramine reduction. ProMinent has a full range of equipment to meet this challenge. Dulcometer D2C controllers designed to proportionally control or measure pH, free chlorine, total chlorine. Unlike other analysers, the ProMinent free chlorine electrodes actually provide true chlorine indication in ppm.

ProMinent Dulcomarin 2 controllers enable the accurate monitoring and control of up to 6 pools from the one controller. Data is collected using CAN bus and transmitted to the controller with a 2 wire loop. The embedded web server allows remote access and optional SMS alarms.

Instruments can be supplied separately or part of a package with optional items such as:

Metering pumps

CO2 controllers

Chemical tanks

Withdrawable injection lances, tube and pipe fittings 

chemical dosing pumpsChemical dosing pumps can either be wall mounted on a PVC bracket or on top of the chemical tank. If the dosing pump has an auto de-gassing liquid end for sodium hypo chlorite, excess chemical is returned to the chemicals tank. Notice the chemical tank bund. The chemical tank is placed inside this for spill protection.

Chemical dosing tube is run from the dosing pump liquid end to the pool circulation line (pool return). Control of the dosing pumps is from the ProMinent D2C or Dulcomarin controller.



Chloramine Destruction
ProMinent Powerline medium pressure UV units are now the industry standard for minimisation of chloramines in swimming pools. At the correct dose of 600 J/m2 into the swimming pool circulation flow, chloramine concentrations can be dramatically reduced (in some cases to zero) without the need for superchlorination. The destruction of chloramines brings huge benefits to patrons as air quality is improved and skin/eye irritation is reduced. Chloramine destruction is accomplished economically compared to the costly infrastructure required for an ozone plant. ProMinent Powerline UV units are installed in many hundreds of large aquatic centres throughout the world.

Powerline UV disinfectionPowerline medium pressure UV chloramine destructionpowerline 2kW medium pressure UV spa

Powerline UV units can be installed with spiral welded tube for larger applications or standard UPVC pipe for smaller units. UV units on swimming pools are always installed with strainers.

Cryptosporidium Destruction
It has been proven by many studies that medium pressure UV is an effective agent for destruction of Cryptosporidium Oocysts which can be present in public swimming pools. Along with the benefit of chloramine destruction, ProMinent Powerline UV units provide a disinfection barrier for Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

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