Throughout the world, Fristam is recognized as a manufacturer of hygienic pumps of the highest quality.  Fristam’s solid design with a minimum wall thickness of 6 mm, renders each pump dimensionally stable, absolutely reliable, exceptionally quiet and resistant to sudden changes in pressure – even at very high discharge pressures.

All Fristam pumps are precision manufactured from cast and forged components allowing close running clearances, which, together with sophisticated hydraulic design, gives best-in-class operating efficiency.

Available in a range of highly resistant stainless steel alloys, Fristam stainless steel pumps are designed to meet the most exacting standards of hygiene demanded by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, and modular design allows tailor-made solutions for any operating condition.

Fristam stainless steel pumps can be used for virtually any water like liquid with the FP/FPE/FM/FZ centrifugal pump range and for viscous liquids with the FL lobe pumps and FK/FKL circumferential piston pumps. Mixing of powders and homogenization can be done with the FSP shear pump and Powder Mixer. The Powder Mixer is a complete stainless steel skid mount package with powder table, powder hopper, vibrator, self priming feed pump, shear pump and control panel. It comes in five standard models PM01, PM02, PM03, PM04, PM05 to cover a range of powder and product flows.

Fristam FPV and FP..KF centrifugal pumps are widely used throughout the world for evaporator duty (especially in the dairy industry) because of their robust construction and good suction ability compared to other mass produced stainless steel centrifugal pumps. Even though the initial capital cost of a Fristam pump may be slightly higher, the Fristam pump will still be operating correctly after many years when the cheaper pumps would have been replaced many times. This adds up to a low lifetime cost of ownership and less production downtime.

More information can be obtained from the Fristam Germany website

Dioxide Pacific is the exclusive Australian distributor for Fristam pumps and spare parts. Please contact us for technical information or a quotation.