Fristam FP FPE FZ Hygienic stainless steel centrifugal pumps

Typical Duty:

  • Flow rates to 500 m3/hr
  • Differential Pressures to 15 bar
  • Viscosity up to 1200 cP
  • System pressures to 25 bar


  • 316 stainless steel wet end, as cast less than 0.8 Ra. Higher polish rating available.
  • Open impeller for hygienic applications
  • Small gaps between impeller and casing minimise secondary flows
  • High quality hygienic mechanical seal
  • Fully CIP-able and can be sterilised (SIP-able)
  • Low NPSH(R)
  • Low maintenance with easy access to wear parts
  • The FPE Fristam pump is close-coupled, single seal design for standard applications; a seal flush housing, utilising a lip seal running on a shaft sleeve, can be fitted.

The FP Fristam pump is designed to take a double seal, and is available either close-coupled, (FPV), or with a separate compact bearing pedestal, (FP/KF). The KF is particularly suited to evaporator duty where vacuum suction conditions and unsteady flows place a heavy demand on the pump

The Fristam FZ pump is available close-coupled to an IEC motor, or with the KF compact bearing pedestal for more demanding applications. The FZX is a close-coupled variant with a front suction port.


  • Side channel type, self-priming centrifugal with radial impeller blades.
  • Flow rates to 90 m3/hr
  • Differential Pressures to 7.5 bar
  • System pressures to 15 bar

With its specially designed impeller and housing, the Fristam FZ/FZX Series maintains its prime when other pumps lose prime. This feature, combined with the ability to produce a vacuum, makes it an excellent CIP return pump when complete removal of fluids is required.

Typical Applications:

  • CIP return
  • Pumping aerated products
  • Complete emptying of tanks (tanker unloading)
  • Lifting products from drums and sumps
  • Texturizing sour cream (replacing homogeniser valves)
  • Pumping shear sensitive products (e.g. cream, liquid eggs, yeast, and sour cream)