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Pinnacle Risk Management 3 day Course

Orica/ICI Invented HAZOP

HAZOP studies are used worldwide by industry to manage process safety. Dean Shewring of Pinnacle Risk Management Pty Ltd was part of the original HAZOP team at ICI/Orica. He moved from that role to his own business and is an expert in HAZOP training.

Dioxide Pacific Staff – Accredited HAZOP Leader

Three Dioxide Pacific staff (through Paul Grover & Associates) attended a 3-day Basic HAZOP and HAZOP leader training course run by Dean Shewring: Paul Grover, Floyd Higgins and Matthew Mills. Attending a HAZOP study is common for many engineers, as most projects will necessitate a HAZOP. Generally, they start slowly and take many hours for the first few nodes then after lunch, each node takes a few seconds with cries of “same as the last one – copy and paste” with a rush to complete before the day is over. We often wonder about how effective the result is and whether the time was well-spent. After receiving training on the correct methodology of how to lead a HAZOP, it is clear that many HAZOP’s are not run correctly. The catch-phrase we learned was “credible causes for deviations from design intent leading to a hazardous event”. Is the cause credible and can it lead to a hazardous event (damage to people, property or the environment)?

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HAZOP Leaders

Dioxide Pacific staff trained as HAZOP Leaders