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Chemical Dosing Systems




Dioxide Pacific

Company Information
Dioxide Pacific is a multi-disciplinary engineering Company specializing in the design, supply and installation of chemical dosing, powder feed, chemical metering, disinfection and water treatment systems.

Our organization includes sales representatives and service people in capital cities and regional centres throughout Australia and the US. Click here to view our introductory video.

chemical dosing system metering pump

We were established in 1997, with the aim of streamlining the process of taking a water treatment or chemical dosing project from inception to completion. Through our strategic partnership with Paul Grover & Associates Pty Ltd, we are able to take responsibility for projects from the design phase, through to fabrication, installation, commissioning, training and ongoing maintenance.

ozone spring water disinfection system

Electricide CDE Electrochemical Chlorine Dioxide generators
CD2D,CD2C,CDG Acid-Chlorite and Chlorine-Chlorite Chlorine Dioxide generators
CircleClear® swimming pool backwash recovery systems for recycle of backwash water
O3Pure ozone systems for bottled water disinfection.
Fiberstrut vinylester (fibreglass) chemical resistant channel, pipe clamps and fasteners

chlorine dioxide acid chlorite 2 chemical generator

ProMinent chemical dosing equipment, metering pumps and chemical metering systems. Open the catalogues and browse for exactly what you need.
Fristam stainless steel hygienic pumps.
Atlantium - HOD UV disinfection units
Glasco - low pressure and medium pressure water and waste water UV disinfection units
LSM Pumps - peristaltic hose pumps of all sizes
Likuid Nanotek - ceramic UF/NF membranes for water filtration

IPM Systems - Dry chemical feeders, bulk bag unloaders and polymer preparation systems

skid mount HDPE flow meter dosing pump

Our expertise is turnkey chemical dosing systems, water treatment and water disinfection systems in the following areas:
Chlorine (chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite)
Chlorine Dioxide
UV (ultraviolet): medium and low pressure
Chemical Dosing
Filtration: media and membrane
Building Mount Systems
Skid Mount Systems

chlorine dioxide generator

Our project quality management system has been developed over 16 years and undergoes continuous improvement. The result  - our customers are confident they will receive exactly what has been agreed. Our 3D design drawings provide an exact representation of the assembled product (as it will be when installed on site).

Our installed systems can be provided with remote internet access and preventative maintenance agreements to ensure long and reliable operating life. Breakdown service is provided in all locations.

mine sodium hypochlorite dosing system
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